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Pay per Click Management

The management of all our Pay Per Click Program have consistently resulted in :
- Improvement of both the quality and quantity of "clicks"
- Reduction of the average cost per click
- Achieved target results within the available budget

We save You Time and Money!

  • Only marginal costs are paid, those associated with the pay per click program management.
  • Your energy and efforts can be entirely focused towards your business management.
  • Allow some leeway for your overworked staff

Why do Site-Seekers' professionally managed pay per click programs out-perform in-house managed programs?

  • We have a dedicated, full-time, professionally trained, pay per click management staff
  • Our staff utilizes proprietary pay per click management tools to manage bids and budgets
  • We invest in time and expertise to focus on managing multiple pay per click interfaces - Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing (formally Overture), Microsoft (MSN) ad Center, amongst others
  • We are constantly following up on all new trends and rules, applying current and up-to-date adjustments within the fast-paced changing pay per click environment
  • Our staff members are fully dedicated with their full-time and proficient competency to successfully manage your pay per click program - you could focus on your full-time job and further refine and manage your own work load

Evaluate your current pay per click program and consider the following:

  • Are you attentive to all the updated changes of pay per click rules?
  • Have you modified your pay per click program to take advantage of the latest changes?
  • Are your per click costs too high? Are you paying more than you have to?
  • Are content ad programs worth taking advantage of?
  • Have you analyzed your ads to assess which generate higher conversion rates?
  • Does your pay per click ads have landing pages?
  • Is a solid ROI being generated by your pay per click ads?

The Pay Per Click Services market is witnessing growing competition between Pay Per Click Services Providers, each aiming to increase their presence, and thus individual offerings of management rules and functionality are persistently changing.

This highly competitive and fast-paced changing environment creates substantial obstacles which hinder any viable advantages of individual companies (those not specialized in pay per click management).

Such aspects are especially significant with Google's AdWords program, which uses a three-factor formula to rank AdWords advertisements:

  1. Maximum cost per click
  2. Click through rate
  3. Quality and relevance of the page linked to the ad  

This three-factor formula indicates that companies with more effective ads (higher click through rates) achieve higher ranks than less effective ads with lower click through rates.

Further denoting that a high rank with a low average cost per click is simply achieved via better ads.

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